Sensing And Manipulation Through Touch

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Abstract: Haptics refers to sensing and manipulation through touch. Haptic Interface helps in exploring part of the environment and achieving tactile identification of objects, positions and orientations. Haptic device gives people a sense of touch with computer generated environments, so that when real/virtual objects are touched, they seem real and tangible. Now days we focused on the involvement of haptics in solving challenging problems in the streams of mechanical design, actuators and real time system. This paper presents a description of study on haptic virtual environments, haptic interfaces, haptic working procedure and different applications like touch-based surgical simulation which is not only made to improve realism of virtual environments, but also to provide important information through the sense of touch.



The word Haptic is derived from the Greek word “haptesthai”. Haptic technology or haptics is tactile feedback that takes advantage of user’s sense of touch by applying forces, vibration and motion to the user [1]. The definition of haptics includes all aspects of information acquisition and object manipulation through touch by humans, machines, or a combination of the both and the environments can be real, virtual or tele-operated. Now a days the term "haptic interface" has been used by researchers to describe devices that measure the motion and stimulate the sensory capabilities of our hands. There is a long history in the…
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