Sensitive periods

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Assignment 2:
Define the term sensitive periods and link them appropriately to the child’s first stage of development. Explain how you would support these sensitive periods during this first crucial stage.

Dr. Maria Montessori, basing on her scientific child observation, concluded that children learn and adjust to their surroundings on their own and by the means of inner powers (Montessori, 1966) they possess at birth: the Absorbent Mind (Montessori, 2007a), human tendencies (Montessori, 1966) and sensitive periods (Montessori, 1966). Essential skills acquisition and adjustment occurs in the first six years of life and requires a great deal of freedom, a mindful assistance of an adult and a favorable environment (Montessori,
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This is a period of a “constructive perfectionment”(Montessori, 2007b, p153) through an active experience. Children look for purposeful activities, that will allow them to explore the environment and master their skills. Thus at this time the organs and mental abilities, that were firstly developed separately, are coming to the cohesion. Memory starts to appear, taking place of the mneme (Montessori, 2007a), where impressions from the first three
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