Sensitization to Plant Food Allergens in Patients with Asthma

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Although hypersensitivity to fruits and vegetables is assumed to play a role in the etiology of asthma and deteriorating of symptoms in some asthmatic patients, however, little is known about allergy to some fruits and vegetables in patients aforementioned. The purpose of this study was to identify probable sensitization to eggplant, Shiraz grape, melon and mango among asthma sufferers.
The study included 50 patients with moderate to severe persistent asthma and 50 healthy individuals with no history of asthma and other atopic diseases. Skin tests were performed in both patient and control groups with fresh eggplant, Shiraz grape, melon, and mango as well as the commercial extracts of mango and melon.
In patients with asthma, the most
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After approval of the study protocol by Ethics Committee members in the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, the informed writen consent was obtained from each participant in both groups.
Allergic reactions including oral allergy syndrome, respiratory symptoms and rhinitis following the ingestion of eggplant, Shiraz grape, melon and mango were asked from patients by a questionnaire. Tingling and burning sensation in the mouth with or without swelling within a few minutes after ingestion was considered as oral allergy syndrome. Coughing, dyspnea and wheezing were considered as respiratory symptoms and, sneezing and rhinorrhea were considered as allergic rhinitis.
Skin prick tests were performed on the forearms using standard commercial extracts of melon and mango (Steallergen, Antony, France). Prior-sensitization to fresh extracts of melon, mango, raw eggplant and Shiraz grape was also evaluated by PPTs in which the culprits were pricked with a sterile lancet and then pricked into the skin with the same lancet. Histamine (10 mg/mL) and saline were used as positive and negative controls, respectively. The results of the skin tests were examined after 15 min and considered positive when the wheal was 3 mm greater in diameter, than the negative control. Topical corticosteroids were stopped one day before the skin test.
Statistical analysis was done with the chi-square or Fisher exact tests by Epi Info version 6 and P-values <0.05 were considered
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