Sensor Technology Applied to Martial Arts

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The system relates to the type of protective clothing worn by the players in sports like in martial arts, taekwondo and kick boxing. Technology is becoming is very common in sports to highlight the unfair decisions made by the referees during a game, it’s a very complicated procedure to link technology with the sports, however introducing sensors like (proximity, motion sensor, impact sensors) in sports create a vast difference in the decision making of referees on field and also put fairness in the game and enjoyment for the audience coming into see the game. The invention of impact measurement and sensor technology uses the Piezo-electric film sensors on the protective clothing worn by the players to help the referees to make accurate decision of scoring in a game. The recently introduced judgment making technologies has however, surged the accountability of the referee and judges to ensure the precision of scoring, as scores now come spontaneously from two sources – (1) the electronic scoring system, (2) the judges via hand held electronic controllers. While the technology does mention about the points that may not have been seen via the open eyes due to the surged speed of the game and upturned complexity of practices, quite a lot of the interviewees expressed fear of points being scored through the closing of circuitry rather than power and/or technique. Some indicated to this with expressions such as “soft points”.
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