Sensorial Materials

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Essay 15: What is the purpose of the sensorial materials? Describe the essential qualities needed in a sensorial apparatus. “The first of the child’s organs to begin functioning are his senses....instruments by which we lay hold impressions, and these, in the child’s case, have to become “incarnated”, made part of his personality.” The Absorbent Mind, Chapter 8, p. 84 A child’s journey in life begins as a physical embryo right from the time that he is in his mother's womb, increasing in size and developing his physical structures. Once he is born, leaving the comfort of his mother's womb, he must go through a phase of reconstruction or incarnation, to develop in movement, speech and other areas. However, the child…show more content…
Thus, if exploration is necessary for child development then the instruments of exploration, which is the senses, must be trained from an early age. "It is necessary to begin the education of the senses in the formative period, if we wish to perfect this sense development with the education which is to follow. The education of the senses should be begun methodically in infancy, and should continue during the entire period of instruction which is to prepare the individual for life in society."(The Montessori Method, Chapter XIV, Pg. 221) Maria Montessori believed that there is nothing in the intellect which first does not exist in the senses. The child's intellect does not work in isolation, but is everywhere and is always intimately bound up with his body, particularly with his nervous and muscular system. During the first 3 years of life, the young child would have already absorbed a large amount of information from his environment however the information is merely in the form of impressions in his unconscious mind. As the child continues to work, the mind begins to gains awareness of various concepts of color, weight, size and so on. This becomes the beginning of his sensorial education. Maria Montessori based her method of educating the senses realizing the fact that a child between ages two to six years passes through the 'sensitive period for the refinement of senses'
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