Sensorial and Mental Handicaps

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Every single thing in the universe requires knowledge to understand it, and through this understanding we learn things that we never dreamed of knowing. Although some have spent their entire lives learning about certain subjects, no one can even come close to knowing everything that this universe has to offer us. Sometimes you may see a person and instantly judge them, noticing they are accompanied by a work dog or carry a white stick to help them move around, judging by this isn't fair to those people because you don't know what they go through everyday dealing with their handicap. Many people think they could handle losing one of their five senses and don't understand why some people make such a big deal about it. These people have …show more content…
Many parents spend many years trying to deny that their child has any problem and they try to find any cure possible, even if there isn’t one. This in itself is very hard on the child because they are treated like any anybody else when in fact they needed to be treated differently in order for them to continue to live their lives. Helplessness is another challenges that the parents have to face as well as the child because they know that their isn’t anything more that they can do. Not being able to do something to help your child is something very hard to accept and it leads to more depression being put into an already struggling environment.

People with mental handicaps may need adaptive equipment to help them physically, unlike sensorial impairments there is not just one piece of equipment that can help them with their lives. With a mental handicap special equipment has to be found in order for the disabled person to live normally. Computer programs are an helpful aid available that helps to educate mentally handicapped adults and children who are unable to go the with speed of learning that teachers teach in school. Audio-prompting devices help many mentally disabled people to learn life skills important for living. These audio-prompting devices can help things all the way from helping with remembering certain things to giving a step by step guide to help complete simple activities.

Autism is one of the most known about mental disorders.
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