Sensory Integration Theory Of Autism

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that manifests in children through impaired language, speech, impaired social skills and abnormal patterns in individual interest and behavior and activities (Gavalas, Christina, Toron, & Marjorie, n.d., p. 32). Children with ASD in most cases involve in unusual behaviors such as rocking, flapping of arms and maneuvering of objects. Such children engage in harmful and injurious personal behaviors ranging from medium to severe. Sometimes such children are always aggressive and move around aimlessly in an attempt to balance sensory inputs in the body (Leew, Stein, & Gibbard, 2010, p. 36).
The sensory integration theory postulates that the deficiencies in learning and behavior on children with autism spectrum disorder are due to brain dysfunctions. Occupational therapy may engage the stabilization of sensory integration to enhance the children sensory experiences that can enable individuals to comprehend response tactics and accustom to sensory inputs and centralize on the primary systems of the body that are sensory stimulators which includes; tactics, vestibular and proprioceptive (Gavalas, Christina, Toron, & Marjorie, n.d., p. 59). In the recent past, occupational therapists have devised weighted
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Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders face various challenging issues ranging from developing ways of getting accustomed to the disease to frustrations they face in school due to inability to communicate well and socialize with others. Parents may isolate themselves from their children with the disorder as they fail to show affection to them. This case study examines the interventional measures such as the use of weighted vests for halt or minimizes the disease to enhance the cognitive skills of children as well as their
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