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ensory loss Acquired Sensory Loss This is when somebody is born without any sensory loss, but then has an accident or illness which causes a sensory loss. Illness Diabetes: The most serious complication of diabetes for the eye is the development of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes affects the tiny blood vessels of the eye and if they become blocked or leak then the retina and possibly your vision will be affected. Measles: Measles blindness is the single leading cause of blindness among children in low income countries, accounting for an estimated 15,000 to 60,000 cases of blindness per year. There is a close synergism between measles and vitamin A deficiency that can result in xerophthalmia, with corneal ulceration,…show more content…
This may be due to an accident, illness, a genetic condition, e.g. a syndrome such as Usher, Alstrom, and Stickler, etc. or as a result of aging in later life. In children and young people if these problems occur later in life, this is called acquired Deafblindness. From Congenital When someone is born with combined sight and hearing difficulties this is called congenital Deafblindness. Examples of this include conditions such as Rubella or CHARGE. Congenital can also refer to people who have lost vision/ hearing before the acquisition of language, i.e. in their very early years. From • Deaf: deaf with a small "d" simply refers to the medical condition of hearing loss. However, most people who use BSL/ ISL refer to themselves as Deaf. The use of upper case "D" indicates a language preference and is also a political and cultural term of belonging to the Deaf community. It is used in the same way that people who belong to a national, cultural or religious group would describe themselves, for example, as French or Muslim. It is for this reason that many Deaf people do not define themselves as disabled, rather they describe themselves as belonging to a cultural or linguistic minority • Deafened: A person who was born hearing and subsequently became severely or profoundly deaf • Hard of hearing: A general term used to describe people with a
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