Sensory System

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6- A- 1. Sensory systems:
They are three different systems each one of them provide unique and important information about the body movement and position to the central nervous system.
a. Visual system:
Visual system provide the CNS with information about the position of limbs relative to each other, body position in the space and it is relation to objects in space. Also visual system helps our bodies to avoid obstacles during movement. Visual acuity, depth, contrast sensitivity decreases with aging. These changes alter the quality of the information received in the CNS and results in slower processing of the sensory information and less efficient integration of sensory inputs
b. Vestibular system
It lies in the inner ear and it consists
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Flexibility training can include a variety of exercises like stretching and tai chi. Stretching exercise helps to prevent joint stiffness, muscle shortening, increase trunk flexibility and prevent the development of abnormal postures like forward bending of the upper thoracic spine (kyphosis) or scoliosis.
• Balance exercises like balance board and stability balls are very effective exercises to maintain balance, enhancing postural stability and reduce ankle, knee and back injuries. Balance training focuses on proprioceptors stimulation during movement (dynamic balance) and steady posture (static balance). Proprioceptive training helps the brain to obtain better information about joint position in the space.
• Resistance training helps to increase muscle strength and regaining lost muscle mass. Resistance and weight bearing training also increases the bone mass through mechanical loading of bones during exercise. Mechanical loading of bones develops what is called piezoelectric effect where is the bone develop electric charges in response to mechanical loading these charges attracts more minerals and nutrients like calcium and increases the overall bone
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