Sentencing After a Guilty Verdict

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A sentence is a decree of a punishment assigned to a defendant who was found guilty by a court, or fixed by law for a particular offence. If is a defendant found guilty, the type and amount of the sentence will depend on a number of factors, which every judge or magistrate must consider. Between these factors belong the six main aims of sentencing (retribution, denunciation, incapacitation or protection of the public, deterrence, rehabilitation and reparation), the age of the defendant (as there are available different types of sentences for young offenders), previous convictions (if the defendant has committed a crime before), the seriousness and nature of the crime committed (what has the defendant done and how serious the …show more content…
This obviously would stop offenders from re-offending, could decrease a criminality in the UK and even for public protection would be good if dangerous individuals are removed from a society and also could avoid the offenders picking new ideas and techniques from other prisoners. Another type of custodial sentence is a mandatory life sentence which is the only sentence a judge has to impose for murder and is allowed to state the minimum length of sentence for the offender before is eligible to be released on license. This minimum is governed by Criminal Justice Act 2003 s 269 Shed 21 and it is giving to the judge the starting point for minimum length to be ordered to the offender, ranged from life sentence down up to 12 years, e.g. for child murder, sexual or sadistic murder the offender can serve 30 years imprisonment. The aim of retribution, incapacitation and general deterrence can be used to support this type of sentencing.
Deterrence does not fit the crime. The main aim of deterrence is to deter people from committing a crime by fear of future punishment and is mostly focused on violent offences. The Government used a method of CCTV to deter crimes such as violence, shoplifting and criminal damage in town centers, but unfortunately it does not work as was expected because these crimes just move to
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