Sentencing For Nonviolent Drug Offenders

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In fairness to Mitch Daniels, he did eventually gain some compassion for the issue and at one point endorsed alternative sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders as Indiana’s Governor. On the other hand, Bill Clinton and high level members of his administration had smoked marijuana in their youth, yet the Clinton administration was one of the toughest in the war on drugs -- except when cases hit close to home. Clinton found time during “Pardongate” to pardon the drug charges of his brother. Also, the son of Richard W. Riley, Clinton’s Secretary of Education, faced federal charges of conspiring to sell cocaine and marijuana. He faced a penalty of ten years to life in prison and a $4 million fine, yet he was only sentenced to 6 months of house arrest.
Al Gore admittedly smoked pot in the past, but he never publicly challenged the administration. Gore even campaigned against medical marijuana in 2000 as a presidential candidate, even though his sister had been prescribed marijuana for her cancer. After that became a public source of contention, Gore pointed out that “it came in a prescription container with a label on it.” Even Donna Shalala, arguably the most liberal member of Clinton’s cabinet and a former marijuana smoker, fell in line with the drug policy status quo. As the Secretary of Health and Human Services, she launched an aggressive campaign against legalizing marijuana, including an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. She labeled marijuana as “a one way ticket…
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