Sentencing Of Sentencing And Sentencing Essay

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Sentencing bias occurs in most of the court cases in the United States of America. Sentencing bias can include races such as Hispanic/Latino, Asian Americans, White Americans, and Native Americans. This brings us to talk about sentencing disparities? In which a court case trial is not treated the same or it is treated differently than other cases. However, who faces the most disparities in sentencing? Could it be African American’s who face’s the most trends and Asian American’s the least trends in sentencing disparities? Or could it be Hispanic/Latino’s who are the least victims of sentencing disparities? Many authors have studied the trends of sentencing disparities, and they have encountered many findings. Many of these findings were found by researching case studies. Criminologists and researchers looked at misdemeanor cases, felony cases, and as well as simple traffic violations. Sentencing occurs in even the smallest traffic violation, because the offender of the ticket still has to attend court to fight to ticket.
Literature Review Hispanics/ Latinos, African Americans, Asians, and White Americans have all raised concerns in the criminal justice system. However, has the United States internalized bias sentencing? During the past years criminologists and criminal analyst from all walks of life have researched if this was true. An article written by Ed A Muñoz and Adrinne B. Freng tries to show that researches have tried to explain disparities in

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