Sentencing Of The Sentencing Hearing

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SENTENCING Once an individual has been found guilty of a crime, sentencing will take place within thirty to sixty days. The sentencing hearing is set far enough in advance that a presentence investigation can be held by the probation department (Aberle, 2014). During the presentencing investigation the probation department will assign members to look at the defendant’s prior criminal history, military history, work history, summary of the charges including mitigating and aggravating circumstances, and statements from the victim or victim’s family (Aberle, 2014). All information is gathered and a report is written providing a recommendation to the judge of what sentence should be imposed. Sentencing can be handled in several different ways including jail time, prison time, probation, fines, or any combination of the aforementioned (Aberle, 2014). Persons convicted of felonies are usually sentenced to serve time in federal prisons and have sentences lasting longer than one year up to and including life. This also includes inmates on death row. When a prisoner is sentenced to prison for more than one crime there are two options for that person’s sentence. Each charge can run concurrent or consecutive. Concurrent sentences run together at the same time, and consecutive sentences run one after the other. An inmate must serve the entire sentence before moving to the next sentence in consecutive sentencing (Aberle, 2014). If a person is convicted of a misdemeanor there
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