Sentient Consciousness Research Paper

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What am I? What am I? Well essentially, I am a sentient consciousness and along with this consciousness I am able to reason (sapience). Having a combination of consciousness and the ability to reason is what I believe makes me a human being and differentiates me from other ways of being in the world. First of all, consciousness is a state of wakefulness and awareness of your surroundings. Whereas sentience is the ability to feel and perceive experiences exclusively. Having a combination of these two is the first half of what I believe makes me human. Although, we can start to break each of theses opinions down further to better understand this belief. If consciousness were a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup then sentience is the split banana and cherry on top in the sense that they both compliment each other completing this proverbial sundae. Consciousness forms the base while sentience is the rest. Now for humans, having a consciousness is essential to living life. It allows us to interact with…show more content…
The ability to reason I believe is the biggest factor of our sentience that separates us from other animals. The fact that we're able to intelligently act with judgement allows us to distinguish good from bad, right from wrong, logic and ill-logical etc. Such a high form of intelligence that sapience is, gives humans the capability to use understanding to assess problematic situations. We use knowledge, gained through experience to educate and learn. We can learn through experience new facts by observation or contact. Through the use of common sense we can think and act off reasonable and rational thought to make good choices. Lastly we employ insight to determine the nature of things or people in a clear way. None of these actions would be possible without reason and this ultimately also is what separates me from other ways of
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