Separate Materials Lab

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In this experiment we get to add different materials together and we get to separate them. Materials such as water, wax, sand, iron and salt. Every substance, whether it is an element or a compound has characteristic properties. For example, Water is a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen chemically bonded to form a single substance. Property may be a characteristic that defines an entire group of substances. The purpose of this experiment was to use properties to distinguish between substances and to separate them. We use properties because properties can help reveal the identity of an unknown substance. The experiment that we did was accomplished because we separated different materials from each other by using different properties. Properties…show more content…
We used many ways to get our results such as putting the mixtures in the water so the mixtures can dissolve. The physical properties that we used was color, solubility and etc. We looked at the results that we got after and before the experiment. The results were simple, we found out that the materials that can sink are iron, salt and sand. And wax was the only material that was floating. My observation was that it will be easy to separate iron from any other material, we can use a magnet that can separate iron. I used magnet because magnetic field contains strong electrons and atoms. Overall i think that the whole experiment was a success.

I have learned a lots from doing this experiment. I have learned that the substances in a mixture are separated by the differences in their physical properties. The more different the properties are, the easier it is to separate the substances. I learned different ways to separate the materials ,for example, we can use magnet to separate iron or metal. We can use water to separate sand and wax because wax will float but sand won’t. Sand will not float because sand weighs more than water and that’s why sand pushes the water out of the way and sinks. In the future, i would love to investigate that what other materials floats or sinks and why. And i would love to learn that what physical properties will i need to use to solve chemistry problems about
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