Separate Mixtures

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A liquid-liquid extraction is used when separating two different liquids that are immiscible. Often the two different liquids will be soluble in water and a solution that is organic. These two types of liquids will create two distinct layers of isolated solution. This is caused because one of the liquids will dissolve into the water and the other liquid will dissolve into the organic solution and since water is a polar molecule and the organic solution is a non-polar molecule the two layers will not mix at all. Therefore, creating two distinct layers that can then successfully be separated. In this experiment, the top layer of solution in the separatory funnel consists of the ether solution layer containing the unknown neutral compound and…show more content…
This means that extra weight was added from the water and not from the actual crystals themselves. One source of error that may have occurred during this lab was that since only the TAs and the lab instructor was performing the filtration of the aqueous crystals for the entire class each individual was not given an extended period of time to filtrate the crystals. This may have resulted in the crystals not being completely dry which would have meant that when groups went to weigh them, the weight may have been more than expected. This would have been due to the water that was not completed filtrated from the crystals. Another source of error that may have occurred during this lab was transfer loss. This may have occurred during the filtration of the aqueous crystals because the beaker that the aqueous solution was stored in was rinsed with DI water and poured into the filtration that held the aqueous crystals that were being filtrated. However, even though it was rinsed with DI water there may still have been some of the solution that was left in the beaker and not completely transferred
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