Separation Anxiety : A Type Of An Attachment Disorder

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No one is perfectly healthy. In today’s society, many people suffer from some type of disorders. Separation anxiety is one of them. According to the website, “this disorder is a type of an attachment disorder that is usually observed by young children, who feel they are getting lack of affection and attention from parents or their caregivers due to separation.” I believe that many people feel unsafe being alone and they are afraid to be alone. However, due to inescapable situation or technology or laziness they face separation, loneliness, and fear. Many researches and articles say genes, environment, and people are the main cause of the attachment disorder. There are differences between adults and young children who have separation anxiety. The ways to treat separation anxiety vary. The research says 77.5 % of people has lifetime separation anxiety disorder, 75.2 % has reported separation anxiety disorder in the past 12 months had adult onset SAD, and 80% of SAD diagnoses still occurred prior to 30 years of age with individuals experiencing onset by their late teens to early 20s. Anxiety is a mood state impacted by strong negative emotion in response to threating events or situations, which are either real or imagined. It is usually observed in infancy and early childhood, but can be found in adulthood too. It is a very complex phenomenon that is expressed in three ways such as physical, cognitive, and behavioral. It is normal for children to experience
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