Separation Anxiety Disorders And Children Essay

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Separation Anxiety Disorders in Parents and Children
Christa Conrad
Antelope Valley College
Introduction to Psychology - PSY101
Professor Laurel Johnson
Monday, November 14, 2016

The differences between Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and the similar disorder, Attachment Anxiety Disorder, were examined to show that the disorders are alike. The causes of Separation Anxiety Disorder and the symptoms in which a child could be diagnosed were discussed. Following that, the treatments that were presently available and ways parents could do to counter the onset of this disorder were observed. Lastly, examples presented of the research studies were observed on a thirteen-year-old boy and a two-year-old pointer cross. Both examples showed how both mother and owner of the dog could figure out how the son and the dog were diagnosed and how they were treated.

Separation Anxiety disorder
Separation anxiety disorder is a condition that causes a child severe distress when away from the parents or the caregivers. Studies show that 4-5% of children and adolescents typically have this disorder. This paper will provide an overview of the present understandings of SAD. The information covered in this paper will include an example of a study for both a child and an animal. The areas examined will focus on the causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, ways to prevent it and the treatment currently available for this order.
Separation Anxiety Disorder Vs.
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