Separation Between Church And State

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In today’s modern society, more people are shifting away from the traditional set of Christian values and thus, the need for the separation between church and state has never been so vital. This separation can be defined as being a secular state, which is thereby stating that a government is neutral in religious matters, and supports neither the religious nor the non – religious. The United States of America has been label a secular state since the signing of their ‘godless constitution’ in 1787. However despite the founding fathers wishes for a “wall of separation between church and state” , religious pressure groups and bias conservative politicians still seem to obtain the ability to pass laws or government policies that have pro -…show more content…
The clause was also made to prohibit the government from passing a law or legislation respecting the establishment of a religion, or more commonly Christianity, as this was a common practice that existed in other countries around the time when the constitution was created. The Establishment clause also created the groundwork for the secular nature of Congress in the future, but also made the environment for free religious expression. The irreligious constitution was revolutionary, and changed the fundamental ideals of those in politics at the time. Those who wrote the constitution did not want for the constitution to deny religions place in society but instead wanted to highlight that religious ideals should be separate from politics. Through the creation of the ‘Godless Constitution’, the United States should have created the foundation for a nation that would separate religion from politics.

Although the United States has created this seemingly ideal secular constitution, the level at which they carry out its ideals vary. The United States public school system highlights and showcases their secular ideals through the disestablishment of mandatory prayer or an imposed school religion. The United States enforces a secular education through the US constitutional amendment regarding voluntary school prayer,
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