Separation Of A Child 's Parents

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Each year, over one million American children suffer from divorce in their families (Fagan). Divorce causes lasting damage to all involved, but especially children. Many people assumed that what is good for the mother and father is good for the child. But now, tremendous amounts of research have been done on divorce and children. All the research points out one hard truth and that is that kids suffer when mom and dad get a divorce (focus on the family). Separation of a child’s parents puts the child on a downward spiral from which they might never fully recover. Only a few generations ago, American culture forbidden divorce as disgraceful. Today, law, conduct, and values embrace and even rejoice in it (Fagan). Back in the 1960’s, 90% of…show more content…
“These legal and social phenomena have resulted in tremendous changes in family arrangements over the last 30 years. Currently 45% of first marriages and 55% of second marriages end in divorce. Typically 84% of children reside with their mothers. The remarriage rates for women and men are 66% and 75% respectively, and even higher when cohabitation rates are considered” (Langone). The high chance of a second failed marriage puts children through the divorce experience not only once but two or maybe three times. Divorce in an African-American family is two times more likely than that of white non-Hispanic family. With the very high number of divorces and broken relationships, the traditional “American family” is almost non-existent in today’s culture. Going through a divorce is one of the greatest stresses a person can undergo (Bridges). Adults do not want to go through a divorce but rather it is more of a task that just seems normal today. “When things get hard, quit” is the attitude of most of Americans when it comes to relationships. Couples do not want to work things out and try and save the marriage because that, to them, feels like much more work that just getting a divorce. The reality is, divorce is hard for everyone not just the children. For the first two years following a divorce, health problems for the ex-souses are at their peak. This includes
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