Separation Of A Child 's Parents

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Each year, over one million American children suffer from divorce in their families (Fagan). Divorce causes lasting damage to all involved, but especially children. Many people assumed that what is good for the mother and father is good for the child. But now, tremendous amounts of research have been done on divorce and children. All the research points out one hard truth and that is that kids suffer when mom and dad get a divorce (focus on the family). Separation of a child’s parents puts the child on a downward spiral from which they might never fully recover.

Only a few generations ago, American culture forbidden divorce as disgraceful. Today, law, conduct, and values embrace and even rejoice in it (Fagan). Back in the 1960’s, 90% of children in America lived with their married biological parents, today however only 40% do. Over the past 50 years, three big events created this wide change. The first event was in 1969 when California became the first state to pass legislation permitting spouses to get a divorce without having to prove harm or cause. A few years later this “no-fault” divorce law took effect in most of the 50 states. This law made it easier to end marriages without the obstacle of great legal issues. Another big event was that more infants are now being born into unmarried couples. Lastly, social and economic shifts occurred increasing access to education and employment for women. Also, an emphasis on both sexes role on sexual satisfaction along with…
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