Separation Of Immigrants

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According to Thompson, the language which is used to construct the representation of immigrants is describing people as “illegal” or “alien” versus describing them as “undocumented” or “unauthorized.” (p.491) However, politics has become more upset and the media organizations are trying to codify language to make it neutral. Somehow, the government are exasperating immigrants as a host of negative connotation, meaning labeling them as criminals. The language that is being justified as inequality and oppression is how people mistreat all people of color especially, Latinos, which she talks about the most in this article. For example, she mentions immigrants has been called wet backs, aliens and wet backs. Those words have a powerful meaning upon them. In other words, people claim they are only neutral. Based on the influences of perception about public…show more content…
One of the worst effects of deportation of parents and separation from their families is that many children are sent to foster care for long periods and are put up for adoption. However, these children are subject to not being able to see their ever again, meaning they are permanently separated from their parents. (p 408) After parental deportation, the intersection of child welfare and immigration enforcement is treacherous from all directions, even though, detention and deportation separates families on the front end, child welfare lacks on the policy to facilitate the reunification of children with their parents in other countries. (Wessler, p.414) The comparison of the articles is that undocumented people goes through so much to come to the United States, and it’s sad the government deports these parents back across the country causing their children to never see them
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