Separation Of Powers Of Power

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September 25, 2014
Separation of Powers
Separation of Powers is a system in which power is divided between three branches of government. These branches consist of Legislative (Congress), Executive (President), and Judiciary (Supreme Court). Each one of the branches is given a duty to fulfill. If one branch doesn’t fulfill its duties, the other branches can force that branch to fulfill it. There is another system that helps these branches of government to check on each other and limit each other’s powers. It is called Checks and Balances. It helps each branch to limit the power of the other. Each branch has specific duties. The Legislative branch is made to create or repeal laws. The Executive branch executes and enforces the law and the Judiciary branch interprets the laws. The Separation of Powers prevents the power going to one branch. The system prevents the abuse of the power given to each of the branches. The system was used to limit the power of one branch for a reason, now it is used to make obstacles for bills that will help the citizens of this country.
The Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances can be seen in action, when a new bill is getting purposed, treaty is being made and when declaring the war against the foreign nation. When a bill get purposed to become a law, it shows all three branches fulfilling their duties. The bill goes through various phases before becoming a law. For instance, if Congress comes up…
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