Separation Phases Of The World

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Discussion “Panacetin” is a common painkiller. It is known that Panacetin contains 8-12% sucrose, 35-45% aspirin, and 45-55% of another unknown active ingredient, but if counterfeited, this active ingredient would most likely be acetanilide or phenacetin. In this experiment, students are given a sample of Panacetin that is suspected to be a counterfeit . Students are instructed to separate its components and calculate what percentages of aspirin, sucrose, and the unknown component are present in the drug in order to determine if the composition is stated accurately on the label. Different filtration techniques were employed in order to obtain the pure components of the drug. Once the unknown component was obtained, it was possible to take the melting points of the unknown, the unknown mixed with acetanilide, and the unknown mixed with phenacetin. The melting points were compared in order to identify the unknown. The experiment was divided into a series of separation phases, a purification phase, and an analysis. Initially, 3.00g of Panacetin was weighed and dichloromethane (DCM) was added to the drug. Sucrose was filtered from this mixture by gravity filtration because it is not soluble in DCM while aspirin and is unknown are. Sodium bicarbonate was then added in order to extract aspirin from the filtrate. The base converted aspirin into its salt, allowing it to move into the aqueous layer of the mixture. The aqueous layers were obtained and hydrochloric acid was added,
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