Separation, Purification And Extraction Of Trimyristin

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Aneri Patel
CHEM 2100
Midterm Lab Report
Fall 2017
Unknown Number ##### Introduction:
The main purpose of these experiments was introduce various techniques such as the use of separation, purification and extraction for each organic compound that was obtained. The first experiment was done on a compound which is commonly known as a triglyceride which contains three fatty acids and a glycerol backbone. The next experiment was done one a caffeine which is a hetercylic ring. However, this heterocyclic ring has all oxygens in the place of the carbons. The third eextraction was done on benzoic acid and acentanilide and the last experiment was done on acetic acid to purify an ester.
The first of these many experiments was the extraction of trimyristin from nutmeg. Trimyristin makes up about one-fourth of the composition of nutmeg. Compounds such as nutmeg can be used in a process called natural product extraction which identifies if the natural products obtained from such and extraction can be used to treat various types of diseases. In this first extraction two important techniques were used and, these are the use of the rotary evaporator and gravity filtration. Gravity filtration was used to complete a solid-liquid extraction of the nutmeg and ethyl-acetate into a round bottom flask. The rotary evaporator was utilized to evaporate the ethyl acetate in the flask and leave waxy yellowish trymristin crystals. The crystals underwent recrystallization and suction

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