Separation between Classes in the Movies, My Fair Lady and Pride and Prejudice

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At some points in history, the differences in the classes were more noticeable than other times. The movies, Pride and Prejudice and My Fair Lady, represent different classes, and how they interact with each other. Even though the movies are set in different time periods, the interactions between the classes are very similar. Although both movies show the differences of the society classes, My Fair Lady shows the differences of the classes in a more obvious manner than Pride and Prejudice which tends to show the differences in a more subdued manner. In Joe Wright’s 2005 Pride and Prejudice, the setting is around the beginning of the 1800’s in rural England. The audience is introduced to the Bennett family that includes five unwed daughters. Since the daughters have no inheritable rights, they must be married before their father dies. Their rural town does not have many suitors in it, before the rich Mr. Bingley rents a large country home with his sister, and a good friend, Mr. Darcy. Seeing an opportunity, Mrs. Bennett makes sure Mr. Bingley is introduced to her daughters. Love kindles between Mr. Bingley and the oldest daughter, Jane, but misconception and class separates them. The second eldest, Elizabeth, and Mr. Darcy let pride and prejudice stray their views of each other. These relationships go through many trials such as class, pride, and prejudice. The…

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