Separation of Power

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It should be remembered that the notion of the doctrine is in the assumptions that the three organs of the government and its functions should be distinguishable from one another. The idea of abandoning the notion of the doctrine means all functions of the government can be performed by one organ for example executive takes all government functions like enacting the law, interpreting the law, provides people’s welfare, determines the rights of the people.
In our opinion, we do not wish to abandon the doctrine of separation of power but however, this notion shall follow the Montesquieu approach as he provides for a separation of power that aims at having separate institutions doing separate function by separate personnel and having the
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Thus all legislative power is vested into congress, the executive power is in president, and the judiciary power vested in the supreme court. Many of the other constitution around the world offers some degree of separation of powers.
It controls administrative actions
Separation of power promotes efficiency in the administration. Through separation of powers, each power of the government has to be assigned with their own duties, judiciary, also legislature, and these duties should not be interfered. To say to control administrative action it means to control executive from interfered with other organ duties, since administrative we mean executive. Example executive not to control the duties of
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