Separation of a Mixture of Solids Essay

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Ocean county college | SEPERATION OF A MIXTURE OF SOLIDS | DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY | | John Curran | 2/23/2013 | COURSE INSTRUCTOR DR. NANCY MARASHI. | Background: During this experiment students will take a mixture and separate it into its’ pure substances. A mixture is a combination of two or more substance. These substances cannot be combined chemically but more physically. The pure substances are substances that cannot be separated any more by physical means. The students will learn the difference of these two meanings during the experiment. The pure substance will be separated by something called their physical means. The physical means are the boiling point and solubility that each substance contains.…show more content…
The students will then cut a small piece of paper out and place the mixture on the paper. They will need to cut out a second piece of paper out, (10cm square) and weigh and record the results. Now the students are ready to separate the iron out of the mixture. The students will take a small piece of plastic wrap and wrap it around the small magnet given. The magnet will have to be waved over the mixture several times to try and observe all of the iron. Remove the plastic wrap from the magnet while over the 10cm paper and all of the iron substances should fall of on to the paper. Weigh the amount of both paper and iron and subtract the originally weight of the paper to get the net mass of the iron. Record the data in the data table. To separate the sand the students will put the mixture in a beaker and add 50ml of distilled water. Place the beaker on the burner and ignite the burner underneath and let the water come to a boil. This will separate the benzoic acid and the sodium chloride. Pour the liquid while it is hot into a small paper cup. Pour another 10ml of distilled water into the same beaker and repeat the boiling process. Pour the boiling back into the original second cup once more. The student will retrieve a larger coffee cup to place the small paper cup full of the benzoic acid and salt so they can have an ice bath. Let the paper cup of benzoic and salt cool and save it
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