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02/13/2013 BUA 560 SEPHORA CASE

1. Assuming that Bornstein gets additional funding, how should she consider allocating across the various digital platforms/categories? Given that the additional funding request must be shifted from traditional marketing, what would you propose to cut and why? Please state your rationale based on their customer base for all decisions.

Before deciding which funding should get cut, we need to check out the analytical metrics of traditional marketing categories which may help to analyze their affectivity, but we don’t have those data, we only have some about social media marketing, not traditional.
Anyway, according to 2010 numbers, when we check the graph we can see that, the
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How does consumer behavior tie into your thoughts?

I consider Sephora as a platform. They have become more than a product now because they have hundreds of brands and thousands of different products, the variety is considerably large. Other reason is, their affectivity on social media and also their websites; the beauty talk policy in their website has become a platform that brings people together and it is really like a huge forum.

3. Was it wise to create Beauty Talk as a separate platform to Facebook? What value does it bring to customers? Facebook is very essential tool for reaching people with easiest way but there are lots of disadvantages about using it. First of all the customers are not anonymous when they ask questions or commented or post, everyone can see their picture even they set up their privacy settings, but in Sephora’s website, everyone is anonymous. This is important because the user might need to ask private questions and might be afraid of her question is embarrassing. Other thing is about the display of Facebook page; because when someone writes post on Facebook page, it goes down after anyone types a new post, so after couple hours, it becomes really impossible to read that post for anyone. But in Sephora’s website users can check that post anytime.
Finally, it is always better to use your own website for this; it will be more safety because even for the Facebook, you cannot really trust them, they might

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