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Sephora company research paper
Company overview
Sephora is a French brand and the biggest cosmetics retailer in the world. In 1969, Dominique Mandonnaud built the first Sephora store in French Limoges. He chose an open-sell environment to sell his cosmetics. In his store, customers could experience a totally different shopping journey like visiting and exploring a beautiful cosmetics free land. His special selling model was very popular in that time, and then he opened couple of chain stores. Until now, Sephora still retains this useful and comfortable selling model in stores. In 1994, the cosmetics store used “Sephora” as its name. “Sephora” came from the Greek word “sephos” which means beauty and “Zipporah” which from Moses’ beautify
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With iPhone and ipad are so popular in our life; Sephora also provides a Sephora application for customers downloading in iPhone and iPad. Customers can use the application to shop beauty product, know the new trend and check their order anytime and anywhere. Currently, you also can download your VIB member card in your iPhone passbook, so when you go to Sephora, you just need to show member card through your phone, it is very convenient. The fourth channel is using automatic vending machines. There is a report showed automatic vending machines sold Sephora’s top 50 products from 2006 to 2010. Currently, their effectiveness is being assessed. (6) Promotion
Sephora uses twitter, Facebook, Bi-weekly emails and website to get promotion and affect customers’ minds. Facebook and twitter are two very popular social networks. In Facebook, there are 4,531,995 like Sephora, 75,981 talking about this. Also in twitter, Sephora has 290,000 followers. All these data from the two networks’ website. Sephora updates their sites with daily tips, new products, trendy products and other beauty information every day. Also people will give their feedback, comments about Sephora’s products. Customers can utilize this helpful information to know more about Sephora and built more loyalty for this company. In other aspect, Sephora uses Bi-weakly email to promote. These email context including new products, in-store special events, sale announcement, VIB

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