Sephora’S Current Target Market Are Women Who Value Quality

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Sephora’s current target market are women who value quality products and associate with luxury brand names. Sephora also includes products for males such as fragrance, skincare, shaving, and other products. They are well known as a beauty store for females but do not have a reputation for selling men’s products. One of our goals is to broaden the target market so Sephora will also become known for their products toward men. One way to do that is to implement direct advertising towards men between the ages of 13-35 years old. In the store, they can create an atmosphere that is more neutral in order to appeal more to men. Sephora can bring out male cut outs to put in front of the store or display their top products in for window display or…show more content…
Another objective is to put a waiting area for men into their store next to the male products. While they are waiting for their female partner, Sephora could put out cologne samples and magazines in the waiting area. When they try out the sample, it might encourage them to go look at the other colognes and buy them. It shows awareness from Sephora that most of their customers are females. This waiting area gives a better environment to males while Sephora is promoting their products. One other goal is to increase consumer traffic on media. On the website, design towards both women and men. Include male models on the homepage which then can lead them to the men’s department. On social media, use advertisements for specifically men that can include their cologne and other products. Make sure it’s accessible on mobile devices by the use of applications. Give promotions by customers being interactive. Customers can be talking about the product or giving feedback and customers can be on a rewards system by giving a discount on their next purchase. Marketing Strategy A. Primary Target Market The primary target market for our strategy is men between the ages 13 and up who generate a middle to high income. Any man old enough to wear cologne or who likes to smell good is a man who would benefit from our products. We are looking for a customer who values name brands, long-lasting scents, and

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