Sepsis Is Defined As A Severe Infection

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According to Elsevier, “Sepsis is defined as a severe infection that occurs after bacteremia of gram-negative bacilli (most common) or gram-positive cocci. Septic shock is mediated by a complex interaction of hormonal and chemical substances through an immune system response to bacterial endotoxins”. Sepsis occurs when the body becomes infected with an infection that takes over the entire circulatory system and the body reacts to the infection by decreasing the blood pressure increasing the pulse, increase in rate and force of the heart, which results in sympathetic nervous system stimulation which affects every part of the body. Increase in heart rate, increase in pulse, increase in lung perfusion (bronchodilation)-flight-fight response, vasoconstriction to the skin, decreased renal perfusion to the kidneys. “Sepsis is defined as infection plus systemic manifestations of infection.” Schorr, C. A., Zanotti, S., & Dellinger, R. P. (2014). 5(1), 226-235. doi:10.4161/viru.27409. The lab/diagnostic findings of my patient included an x-ray of his right foot (pharyngogram, chest) to evaluate tumors, cyst, and inflammatory response, collection of Low Red blood cell count: to detect an infection, decreased blood pressure, decreased volume, or sepsis, Low hemoglobin and hematocrit can indicate anemia, High White blood cell count with Differential (Lymphocytes %: to detect WBC functioning and…
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