September 11, 2001: Conspiracy or Not?

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September 11, 2001: Conspiracy or Not?

What if everything one was supposed to believe was wrong? What if the people who are supposed to protect citizens from danger, do not? What if 9/11, the most tragic day in American history, was caused by the people we are supposed to respect and we are supposed and to believe, our government? Could our government have masterminded this horrific crime? Actually, I believe they did. In August 1997, on the front cover of FEMA’s, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Response to Terrorism Manual it shows the World Trade Center towers in the cross hairs, sights used for aiming a gun or missile for accuracy, and then again in June 2000, the Department of Justice released a world
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From the street there were people screaming and running it was mass chaos. At this time you could see the media and firefighters everywhere. I got the hell out of there went home hugged my wife. I realized God had spared me that day. A lot of my friends and coworkers died that day. I’m truly sorry, sometimes I feel guilty that I didn’t do my part to help but I was afraid for my life. A couple of my friends that made it from a bit higher up said it sounded like a bunch of explosions. I remember thinking after hearing from them and seeing the video footage what the heck happened? In my opinion it felt like a bomb (Jones). Hearing his story, it made me scratch my head and think. If this was planned was it really supposed to kill thousands of people like it did? The blame for this tragedy was placed on Osama Bin Laden, by the commission report. Then why does the Most Wanted poster listing Osama Bin Laden not list the September 11th attacks (Most Wanted)? When asked that question the FBI replied, “We have no hard evidence against Osama (Loose Change Final Cut).” Without hard evidence how can one claim that he was behind it? Again, no answer was given. Another glaring omission that the government has never addressed is why fully intact passports of the alleged hijackers we found blocks away from the crash site (Loose Change). If everything including the bodies from the plane caught
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