September 11 Attacks and World Trade Center

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Watching the movie 102 minutes for the second time opened my eyes to the tragedy of 9/11 more than it did the first time. Being only six years old at the time of the incident, I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the disaster until years later. The quality of the movie made it very clear to me just how painful being around the World Trade Center buildings during the attack was, not only for the people in the buildings that were hit, but for the people around as well. The feeling of helplessness that the bystanders must have felt in addition to the feeling of fear must have been unbearable. Seeing the footage of the attack in such clear video made it feel as though it was like a
Hollywood movie rather than a real traumatic event
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Second I think that people weren’t necessarily sure that what they saw was a real event. Sure, it clearly happened, but the events seemed fictional because of their magnitude. I know that even though I saw footage of the attacks, it still seems surreal. The magnitude of the attack makes it seem like something that no one would expect to actually happen to us. Overall I think that those who did not turn off their cameras did something positive because we would not see so much about the attacks or ever forget them with this much visual coverage of it.

I think that the events of 9/11 made a huge impact on those around that survived. In my opinion, I think that I would have felt so unbearable helpless in a situation like this. I have an altruistic sense of being so not being able to help those around me makes me feel like I failed my life’s goal of helping others even though I feel that I might be in danger.

102 Minutes differs from other documentations because it is a mix of many different people’s perspectives and real experiences. It shows the true, raw emotions of the attacks rather than just demonstrating the factual event. I think that 102 Minutes was more effective that other movies made about 9/11 because it showed everyone the real events, not Hollywood altered, not hiding and bias, it showed the real hurt that not only New York, but the country
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