September 11 : The Beliefs Of 9 / 11

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On September 11th, 2001, one of the most terrorizing acts in the United States was committed. This act of terror was one against ourselves. There are many beliefs of what happened on this tragic morning. Some say this was a terrorist attack from the middle east, and others say this was an inside job. The former just doesn't add up. The commission report doesn't match what random witnesses had said, there were suspicious power outages in the towers the weekend before the event, and physicians show how the collapse is more than what was reported. In favor of the FBI, there were phone calls reported that can be proven to have happened. It is fact that the 9/11 attacks were horrific acts of terror, however, the evidence suggests that it was done against ourselves. There are flaws in everything. People aren’t perfect, but there’s a line between simple mistakes and flat out lies. In the commission report for 9/11, it is stated that the plane that hit The Pentagon flew on the north side of the Citgo gas station. However, if the plane came from that side, it wouldn't be able to cause the damage that was reported in the commission. The plane should have flown in from the south side to match the damage report. There are downed light poles leading up to The Pentagon on the south side. The only logical interpretation of the damage in and around The Pentagon is that the plane had come from the south side of the gas station, but all witnesses, and the commission says otherwise.

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