September / 11 : The Biggest Attack On American Soil And It

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Throughout American history and still today these conspiracy theories always come up about any major tragedies. Some have been true but until someone within our own government comes out and says that these theories are true, they will continue to be all make believe. 9/11 is one of the biggest attacks on American soil and it also has a lot of conspiracies surrounding it. What really hit the towers? Where they commercial jet liners? How does a 747 leave that small of a hole in the Pentagon? These are some of the questions surrounding it. What it all comes down to though is what makes these theories so fascinating to Americans. What makes these so believable and to think that our own government would do this to us is just crazy, or is it? When looking at 9/11 we all know that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, and the WTC twin towers both collapsed to the ground. They were said to be hit by American Airlines plane, but from some conspiracies they are said to be struck by an unmarked plane, and right before impact they saw a flash which is said to be a missile being shot into the tower right before the plane. Looking at this it looks like a military plane was flown into the towers. It is also said to be a controlled demolition and bombs planted in the basement of the towers, Kellen explains this from an interview from a Janitor of the tower, “I felt an upward explosion from underneath me, and then I heard the other explosion from above.” This came from the

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