Essay on September 11: The Day I Lost My innocence

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The the morning of September 11th, 2001 found me in my math class. While the morning had begun much like any other, it soon took a terrible turn with the news of the terrorist attacks. The world forever changed that day; as well as my view of the world. Until then Terrorism had been some abstract concept that never really affected my life. I would never forget the events of that morning. The first sign that something was out of the ordinary was the head of a teacher, which popped in to our classroom and told our teacher to turn on the news, then hurriedly left without explanation. Our teacher complied with this mysterious request and switched on the TV. The class watched intently, curious about what was at the root of this request.…show more content…
With this the gravity of the whole situation, already quite serious, grew immensely. The reports on the news quickly shifted from wondering how this happened to wondering who was responsible. One thing remained constant though, the uncertainty everyone including the media had. This feeling of total confusion and uncertainty never really went away. It perhaps faded with the days and months, but I think to this day to some degree, it remains. On that first day when we all wanted nothing more than certainty and unambiguity there was instead a surplus of erroneous reports and rumors. We began hearing reports of car bombs, in DC and other places. Shortly after the second plane hit the class period ended, and we were forced to move to the next class. This changing classes throughout the day added an interesting element to everything. I would spend 40 minutes with one group of people; listening to their opinions and reactions. Then I move to a different group with different reactions and opinions. The first group I was with seemed to be mostly passive and bewildered. The second group was more active, and seemed more upset in general. Instead of asking, “Why would someone do this?” this class was talking about what would be done in response. The tragedies of the day were far from over though. When reports that the third plane hit the Pentagon more of a panic began to set in. My thoughts became more frantic. How many
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