September 11th, 2001: This Changes Everything

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September 11th, 2001 may be the most tragic and haunting day to millions of Americans. Nineteen hijackers toke control of four commercial U.S. jets and crashed them into some of America’s tallest and largest buildings. When it was apparent that the huge decimation was a demonstration of terrorists, everyone assumed but one thing: This Changes Everything. The catastrophe of September 11th had various impacts on every kind of person. So, for my personal narrative, I decided to recall that very sad day back in September of 2001. “Mom, I’m not getting up,” I said as I rolled over and wrapped my sheets around my cold body. “Well, it looks like I am dragging you to the car because you’re going to school today,” she responded. As I got to school,…show more content…
I feared that maybe our city is the next target. But most of all, I feared the beginning of a new world war. I felt the true fear for the first time that my life may be in danger. My teacher sent everyone home, as did my whole school. The buses were ready and parents’ cars were filling outside the school to pick up their children. My mother picked me up with tears rolling down her face as she jolted out of the car and hugged me. We went on to pick up the rest of my family and eventually made it back home. As anyone would do, the first order of business we did when we got home was turn on the television and watch the situation evolve. Today was the talk of the century. Every channel in every different form of language dealt with the events going down in New York. All the top network news anchors like Aaron Brown and Peter Jennings were on the job, which relayed to the significance of what was…show more content…
( Library, #1) If the attack didn’t affect one personally, we still mourn for the individuals who have to live their lives knowing they won’t be able to see him/her because they were lost in the ciaos of destruction. It’s important that we always remember September 11th to continue to remind ourselves as Americans that we must continue to make our country better, inside and
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