September 11th And The World Of Aviation

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Macy Oller
Mr. Litz
American Lit
09 December 2016
September 11th and the World of Aviation September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday and changed air transportation as we know it. This devastating day in history was when a total of four American Airlines airplanes were hijacked. Most collided with important United States buildings. The first two planes intentionally collided with each of the Twin Towers in New York. Shortly after, the third plane hit the Pentagon in Virginia. Amazingly, the passengers on the fourth plane gained control of the plane and never allowed it to collide with a building. As a result, they suffered a crash landing in an open field in Pennsylvania. That day in history, now referred to as 9-11, had a major impact on international, domestic, commercial, and private air travel because it illustrated something had to be changed in regards to safety and security issues.
Before, during, and after 9-11, were all very different times in regards to aviation. Prior to this event, many issues needed to be discussed, but matters were mostly related to overall safety not terrorism. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) took action immediately. The International Air Transport Association and the Federal Aviation Administration made security their “top priority” (Taylor 8). They immediately made important changes to improve everyone’s safety. Even though commercial and private air travel are different ways of air
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