Sepuku's Influence On Japanese Culture

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In the period of the shogunate, the different ranks of warriors held political power. Under the rank of the emperor and the shogunate were the daimyo, who were lords that constructed castles and ruled vast rural estates. The daimyo had hired warriors to protect the land and the farmers of that land. Theses warriors we're known as samurai. A person may have been born a samurai, but one had to experience a huge deal of training and practicing. Not many people were samurai. About one in twenty people were samurai, and only they could have swords or be part of the administrative office. By carrying the instruments of death, a long sword and a short sword, always allowed the samurai to constantly think of his task. This task was to obey his lord while being loyal to his master and do his duty with bravery. Samurai were expected to be a role model to others. If a samurai is to ever cause dishonor, the samurai would commit seppuku, which is a ritual suicide, with his short sword. Seppuku displays his selflessness and loyalty to the samurai’s lord. Many…show more content…
The Ronin were buried next to their master in Japan. Several movies, plays, short stories, and novels have been written about them. It is a story told in Japan to teach loyalty. Though the 47 Ronin did not cause any great scientific advance, their loyalty has shown us how we should be loyal to our friend and family. The samurai had always lived honorably by obeying the shogun and the Bushido Code. They had always been loyal to their master no matter what. Even after the death of their master they stayed loyal, such as the 47 Ronin did. The samurai were among the higher classes and were meant to set an example for the people of Japan and the rest of the world. The samurai have shown us the most heroic of attributes bravery, loyalty, and courage. These attributes have made them honorable and legends throughout the
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