Sequency Hereditary Material

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INTRODUCTION: Since days bygone, study of living beings required to break barriers of the single cell and throw light into hereditary material, giving us great insights into nucleic acid sequences. To face the challenges associated with various questions thrown at biology, great advent was required to be made in the area of working out the correct order of how nucleic acids are arranged in an array of genes to give rise to various phenotypes and often, its deviations. Focus was to be shifted out of the wet laboratory and into silicon chips .Ever since the Thus, arose the requirement of sequencing the hereditary material, knowing about the entire genetic content of the organism or rather, it’s genome and its analysis. With the help of sequencing a great number of laboratories across the globe have conducted groundbreaking research and this very important technique has been established as the basis of a plethora of investigations REASON BEHIND CHOOSING GENOME ASSEMBLY: From research laboratories to personalized genome analysis, genome sequencing and downstream processing of the sequenced data has become a mandate for most biological experimentation. The complete genome sequence of Haemophilus influenzae by TIGR in 1995 turned a lot of heads with the scope of studying actual relatedness between organisms,their hereditary material,their genotypic data and biggest of all what advantage we can derive of them.With the advent of geomic era,or the era of studying not ony

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