Serato Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch Essay

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Serato Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch Does turntable mixing define a DJ or can a computer DJ rock the house just as hard? Nowadays, there are several types of equipment that a DJ (Disc Jockey) can use to rock a party. Unlike twenty years ago with turntables and vinyl records, today there are CD players, MIDI controllers, software programs, and turntables connected to programs like Serato Scratch Live and Traktor Scratch that can be used for performances. A lot of DJs have different opinions about this matter. Some feel that sticking with turntables is the way to go because real DJs use wax (vinyl), and some feel that keeping up with technology is evolution (some call it a revolution). The majority of…show more content…
Thus, allowing for the DJ to manipulate them with the many tricks that have been learned through the years; scratching, juggling, and flashbacks. These tricks have been used by many DJs as a unique signature to a performance that set them apart from the norm. While both programs allow for scratching and turntable tricks without any delay in song play, Traktor excels with its effects. It has the best effects in sound options and potential of the effects on the market. For example, the Traktor program allows the DJ to excel in his/her performance by adding over twenty different effects options to the program. This comes from Traktor's years of experience in engineering effects for other programs like Reaktor that has 3000+ effects and options available. Serato does have a series of effects and sounds that are available, but its quality is less than to be desired. For instance, the amount of effects available is twelve and there is a lack of quality that these effects have that can sometimes make the track sound distorted. There is talk about increasing the sound options by allowing for secondary programmers to add open source plug-ins to Serato, but there is no scheduled date of when that will happen. In the meantime, if The Bridge is added to Serato, taking advantage of Ableton's effects for a live performance or studio recording session

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