Serena Campbell-Personal Narrative

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As with everything, life goes on and some people struggle and fall into some deep depths of desperation, Serena Campbell, now Griffin; a woman with much fight and poise had crumbled and struggled since the demise of her partner. Watching his journey to his death; it fell tough on her, seeing his struggle to hold on to life on their wedding day it had almost killed her and not being there when he took his final breathes broke her heart.

However, she had never planned to live her life without him; she had never planned for it to feel so damning, she had handled the death of loved ones before, she had seen death most of her life as a Doctor. Nevertheless, this death hurt, her word felt so empty and she had not realised that this emptiness was even possible.

There was a time in her life, especially after her ex-husband that she never would have saw herself marrying again; she did not mind the
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Placing down a bunch of flowers, she stood and stared blankly. She had not been here for a while, and she could see numerous mementos lovingly placed. Not one of these items was from her, or reflected that she had a place in his life; and that alone felt tragic given how much she had grieved him.

Walking away, she didn’t look back, she couldn’t look back; with every crunching step on the gravel pathway Serena fought back the tears she could feel bulging in her eyes. She did not enjoy this feeling and she did not enjoy the guilt she still harboured for not being there in his final moments.

Once she had returned to her car, Serena slumped down into the driver’s seat, she found the act of being at the grave trivial; hard emotionally, she never wanted to think of Ric in the ground – she was the same with her father’s death; at best, she had to force herself the visit his graveside. It felt safer in her car; she was alone and when alone it was easier for her to deal with her emotions, especially in recent
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