Sergeant and Deadlines

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My name is PFC Hutchinson, Joel D and this is my essay about meeting deadlines. Deadlines are there for a reason. Without a deadline to meet you could simply drag out whatever it is you’re working on for as long as possible, which is hardly a productive way of working. It is therefore important to meet any deadlines that have been set, because there is an expectation on the part of the Non-commissioned officer that you will come up with the goods within a set time-frame. If you fail to meet a deadline, you are left looking extremely unprofessional, and if you develop a reputation for missing deadlines, this could hamper your career progress. Clearly, then, it is important to meet deadlines for your sake as well as your Non-commissioned…show more content…
When you meet a deadline, you are showing that you are a serious and committed person to the task, which is being asked of you. Meeting deadlines help you manage your time because you have to get the task done in a certain amount of time. The time frames of deadlines can vary, between being short or long termed. In which, being able to meet a deadline teaches you about time management. Time management is a skill needed in school, any career field and in life, in general. When a deadline is set for a task it should be taken very seriously. Deadlines are given to you because it benefits you. They help prepare you for and getting you ready and used to being able to manage your time, when it is needed. You will come across many deadlines in life, whether it is in school, work, church, family tasks and/or events. When you meet a deadline, it shows that you have worked hard, effectively and efficiently to meet the deadline. Deadlines help you prioritize your tasks. The most important tasks should be handled and completed first and, then go down the list until you reach and complete the least important task on your list. You should complete each task to the best of your ability, in order to meet the deadline. You should focus on one task at a time. Give each task your full and complete attention and concentration. There is no need to rush or get frustrated when under a deadline, because that will cause you to get stressed out, and discourage,
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