Sergeant's First Duty Day With D Squad

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I am nominating Sergeant Jeff Prindle and Sergeant Chris Wells for Supervisor of the Quarter. I am intentionally nominating them together because, as individuals, they are outstanding leaders; however, as a team, they are unstoppable. Their leadership goes above and beyond that of their peers, together creating a team of deputies that have received respect and attention from the community.

Sergeant Prindle’s first duty day with D Squad was September 8, 2014. That day, our agency endured the greatest loss imaginable. Effective and motivating leaders are essential to recovering from tragedy. Sergeant Prindle worked effortlessly to ensure his deputies were cared for mentally and physically even though he had just met most of them. Every new
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For those deputies who have shown interest in areas where he is less knowledgeable, he has contacted other experienced deputies and supervisors and provided the opportunity for the deputies to work with them. Sergeant Prindle shows that he is concerned with his squad’s personal wellbeing too. When his deputies have personal situations, he contacts them and offers his personal assistance. Sergeant Prindle conducts himself in a professional manner and his leadership style gains the respect of his deputies. His uniform is always clean, pressed and well fitted. His command presence is an example for others to follow. He motivates his deputies by leading from the front, answering calls for service and conducting traffic stops, while maintaining his administrative duties. He maintains a healthy lifestyle and encourages his deputies to do the same. He is also an active member of the SWAT team and encourages his deputies to seek out collateral duties to enhance their law enforcement career and expand their knowledge. On his off time, Sergeant Prindle is also a leader in the Air Force Reserve, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Balancing two leadership roles while maintaining physical fitness and a family is not an easy task, yet, he handles it with ease.

Sergeant Wells came to D Squad in October 2014. He also had previous leadership experience but was new to leadership at CCSO. He immediately jumped into his
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