Sergei Kourdakov: The Supernatural Angel

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(-- removed HTML --) A supernatural entity, or spirit are known as Angels where they seem to be quite prevalent throughout human consciousness. Angels are often portrayed as humanoids with feathered wings, and halos around their heads. The notion that angels exist does not only stem from the Roman Catholic Church. Many folks of all religions have experienced supernatural phenomena that have implanted a belief that something metaphysical is watching over them, and protecting them. Whether that unseen force is a divine being depends on your belief system. It's interesting to note that it doesn't always have to be related to religion, many people describe being guided by a guardian angel, or spirit guide such as a deceased relative, or friend. In most cases, the entity's role is to provide a warning of impending doom, or serenity in times of trouble. This effect on one's life can be colossal. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) An interesting story took place in the mid twentieth century. A Russian KGB agent, named Sergei Kourdakov at that time was instructed never to believe any deity-based faiths. As expected, Kourdakov was a member of a team specifically set up to persecute and terrorize groups of Christian faith. One…show more content…
Their main role is to execute God's commands and disclose the most important truths to Man. Angels are also known to instill shock and awe in those that witness their presence, but at the same time emitting a calm confidence. They are featured quite regularly throughout the Old and New testament, and it seems they are not only found in bible-based religions. Various races and cultures have all documented surprisingly similar accounts of encounters with mystical beings whom are associated with miracles and unexplained healing powers. (-- removed HTML
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