Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski

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CRIMIONLOGY AN SOCIOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDING TO CRIMINAL THINKING Instructor: Mr. Kowalski Student: Jonathan Beale Subject: Richard Kuklinski AKA The Ice Man Richard Kuklinski in my opinion was a serial killer. Due to the abuse he received not just from his parents but also his neighbors and classmates this would be used as an excuse for why Richard did what he did. Richard upbringing was not like so many ordinary families where both parents lived in the house and both was involved in the child’s life, and there main focus was the best interest of the child. Richards’s parents were involved in his upbringing but in a way that caused him to lose a part of humanism which will cause harm to so many people. Because of the abuse his…show more content…
What he told her he did for a living is exactly what he did; but her understanding of a plumber was the deception that Richard portrayed. His plumber job was actually flushing life out of humans for the Mafia and for his own gratification. Over the years Richard mastered his skills when it came to killing. He used guns, knives, poison, strangulation, ice picks, screwdrivers, hand grenades and would even at times burn his victims if asked by his clients to do so to ensure that they suffered before they left this world. Within himself Richard developed a cold inner self for his victims. When asked how he felt when he killed someone he would reply “I feel nothing inside for any of the victims I’ve killed. They didn’t mean anything to me and they had it coming and I was the one to give them Just Deserts for what they did to my clients”. Nothing was personal for Mr. Kuklinski just business and he took pride in pleasing his clients. The only people that he truly cared for was his family and he was very regretful that he hurt them the way he hurt them because they found out what he did for a living in an unexpected way. At the turn of the twentieth century, in Jersey City New Jersey is where the Grim Reaper was born; in a bustling polish neighborhood. Many polish immigrants migrated in that are because of blue collar jobs and the Catholic churches that was in the area. The Lackawanna, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Central railroad companies all had
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