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According to an FBI study, “there have been approximately 400 serial killers in the United States in the past century, with anywhere from 2,526 to 3,860 victims (Hickey). No one really understands serial killers. It is actually quite difficult to comprehend how the mind of a serial killer works. Some believe that a serial killer feels strongly attracted by a specific physical characteristic in the victim. It could be his or her appearance: facial features, clothes, or even personality. On the other hand, many individuals believe the connection is within an ethnic group, gender, or age. As for serial killers not only do psychological components contribute to their upbringing but also the environmental atmosphere. Although society is intrigued by the so-called celebrity monster the prevalent information and media coverage is accountable for the real-life serial killer transfiguration. The topic of serial killers to an extent has caused pivotal debates even among countries. It consistently questions the jurisdictional matters. Serial killers are linked within the dark nature of society and its irreversible craving for grotesque news. The fixated obsession with serial killers in popular culture is quite an interchangeable topic. The central question that is consistently debated among nations is why does society find serial killers so fascinating? Regardless of books, movies, and research the dark nature of the perpetrator fail to notice the insight of a serial killer’s mind.

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