Serial Killers : A Good Thing For A Mother Essay

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It is a good thing for a mother to develop a strong relationship with their son or daughter. There is however a line that shouldn’t be crossed where having a very strong relationship with your son/mother is normal and healthy becomes a more bizarre closeness between the two. This can become a very strange, awkward situation for the child not understanding the boundaries. Cases have been reported of a mother and a child’s relationship even becomes sexual in nature, further confusing the child and creating a greater chance of sexual problems in their future. Many serial killers reported a higher than average sex drive Even though abuse is extremely prevalent in one way shape or form, not all individuals who grow up to become serial killers were abused, Jeffery Dahmer for examples, supposedly was never abused and is claimed to have had a pretty “normal” childhood and upbringing. So although a lot of serial killers have many of the same experiences as children and young adults, it proves that there is no specific exact evidence that says what causes someone to carry out such acts. Differences and Demographics When comparing individuals who become serial killers and their upbringing and trying to understand why and/or how they could do the things they do, you will find a lot of similarities that may help explain their behavior. But complicating things even more in trying to understand these individuals is the fact that they can be so different. Dr. H.H. Holmes is
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