Serial Killers And Other Major Criminals

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This is a cop show about a unit that specialises in serial killers and other major criminals. Each season or two will focus on a single criminal. There are two special episodes in each season that go back into the criminals past. One of the specials will be dedicated to how the criminal’s childhood affected their live’s. The second special will be about the criminal’s first killing, robbing, raping, etc.The rest of the episodes will be about the criminal’s current crimes. What will make this show different from other cop shows is that some episode are primarily from the criminal’s perspective. I will say that this show is not a show for kids, it is dark, a little gory, and at times graphic, after all it is about serial killers.

The Thunderbolt Snatcher is a serial killer. He has raped and killed 19 victims so far, they were all women between the ages of 17 and 26. He is overly confident, he shows this by telling the cops who his next prey is and by snatching his victims in front of the cops. His victims are found with a lightning bolt impaled into their chest.

Mary is the Chief of the department. She has been been a cop since she was 18. She was a lead ranking field officer before she became The Chief of Police. Mary is extremely jealous of Freya who consistently has people asking a detective for advice instead of the chief.

Loki is a world know bankrobber. He has robbed twenty five banks in five years. The cops have never had a picture of him. There have
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