Serial Killers And The Killers

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Serial Killers Serials killers can be defined in different ways, depending on who you ask. If you ask me, I think a serial killer is someone who has killed more than a couple people. If you ask someone else more than likely you will get a different definition. But what really is the definition of a serial killer? According to Zoe McKnight “Serial murders usually refer to two or more murders at different places and times with a cooling-off period in between, rather than several unrelated murders, or a killing spree” (McKnight). So basically the real definition of a serial killer is someone who has killed at least two people with some time in between the murders. Rather than a killing spree which would be killing person after person. That would be a mass murderer. What I find really interesting about serial killers is how they choose their victims or why they choose the people they do, characteristics of the killer’s victims and what serial killers have in common with other serial killers, and more importantly why they actually kill people, and what happens to them once they get caught. The majority of serial killers are men, and they mainly target women. “Women have danger blind spots that prevent them from recognizing when and how they might be at risk” (Richard Rys). Meaning that if a handsome guy walks up to a woman, the woman won’t think much about it. No one goes around thinking that every person that talks to them or that they talk to is going to be a killer. Most

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